Interviews with Kate Birch, Feb, 20-May 29

Some of you may want to know more about homeopathy, me, and my approach to homeopathy and how of life has manifested in front of me based on my desire to be of service to humanity.

Steve Harper of Meet the Elite Interviews Kate Birch each Monday over a series of 15 episodes starting February 20, 2023. As the world turns learn what homeopathy may have to offer. Each episode takes up the subject of one or more books, or experiences with homeopathy. More about homeopathy, infectious disease. soul path, and historical snippets from around the world.

Episode 1: Feb 20, 23. Introduction to Kate Birch and her practice in homeopathy. Treating vaccine damage and how FHCi researched Covid nosode for disease prevention. Would I take a Covid vaccine? and what is our body’s autoregulatory system, intact DNA, and personal sovereignty? How can we live life in the environment as it is? Interview 1.

Episode 2: February 27, 2023. All about Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Disease with Homeopathy. This book took me on Journeys to Cuba, India, the middle east and around the world for people seeking to learn the true nature. Review of some history of epidemics around the world and the mental and emotional constructs of infectious disease. Interview 2.

Order Vaccine Free here.

Episode 3: March 6, 2023. Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi) was built upon the work of the book; The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis the Vaccine alternative. Now ten years into the work, after completion of the research on the childhood immunization program FHCi is launching 6 new HPx Programs. Learn more about the origins of the work of homeoprophylaxis; the immune system educator. Compared to vaccines. Interview 3.

Order The Solution here

Episode 4: March 13, 2023. All about where does health start? Describing the homeopathic case taking process, finding the language of homeopathy, the potential in soul healing, and the fragility of the link between the soul and the body. Interview 4.

Episode 5: March 20, 2023. All about the medicines of homeopathy, the principles of homeopathy and how these effect our bodies. And then the workings of the Amazing Liver. The liver is the tangency between the spirit and body. All of this is described in the book: Homeopathic Therapeutics of the Disease of the Liver and Biliary Ducts: Going deeper in the biochemical action of homeopathic remedies. Interview 5.

Order The Amazing Liver here

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

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Homeoprophylaxis (HPx) for Healthy Biomes

The human biome is the foundation of all human life. HPx is a way to improve your health.

With frequent use of antibiotics and pesticides in our food system our gut health is in need of a massive do-over. Through working with Free and Healthy Children International as and HPx Practitioner I am offering a number of HPx Programs for all ages. The Healthy Biome HPx is the first one of these offerings to highlight.

In some instances, if you have multiple health issues, we will need to initially work together with constitutional care to set a better foundation. For the healthy person this HPx Program, coupled with mutiple sources of probiotics, will keep your flora in tip-top shape. For infants this program will help establish a healthy biome for the rest of their lives.

The basis of human vitality arises from a healthy biome as does the vitality and functionality of every body-system. This program designed to release harmful bacteria and establish healthy bacterial populations.

This program is for establishing the basis of life and vitality. 9 nosodes, 1M potencies. Duration: 9 or 18 weeks. Suitable for all ages

All new Homeoprophylaxis (HPx) Programs and Fees

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Are we ready to heal!

Five years ago Easter weekend the trituration of einkorn was done with a group of women in Istanbul. The results of this trituration were brought to life in the movie Paradise Lost and Found.

The story of einkorn is mirrored in the story of Persephone and Demeter, the Goddess of wheat. It is also a Christ story and Easter story.

The story is a mother daughter story. A fertility story and one about mothers and babies. The einkorn is about connection to Christ consciousness.

The timing of the proving was random by my own consciousness. But I was swept on a journey to bring this story to reality. I was in Jerusalem two days before opening the trituration. It was Passover and I felt Jesus talking to me. Einkorn was his message. “This is my body” he said as he and his disciples ate the einkorn bread.

I was chosen to tell this story. I suffered and yet have redeemed myself.

Within two months of this trituration my daughter disappeared. She was taken into the underworld. And what followed for both her and me had been a story of suffering and torment and increasingly soul healing not only for us but for the ripples of this story into humanity. The truth told is eternal.

She became homeless for over three years. She walked the streets of hell amoung the other tortured souls. The ones that suffer from deep mental health issues. The broken dreads of society. She lost her mind too. I lost my mind. I traveled the world literally and figuratively to find her. I dove into the depths of my own soul’s journey and suffering from the loss of the daughter I loved.

During these 5 years I dove into the torment of our genetic and ancetral history, the self destructive tendencies of humanity through pollution, war, and vaccines. I worked hard and fast. I experienced great revelations and the love of Christ: the powers of redemption and what is truth, integrity, justice, and more. It is also about the kinds of war we have put against humanity to the point of infertility of women and deformation of babies. There are many people who have witnessed this same suffering in thier lives and the healing that einkorn has offered us all

My daughter eventually did show up again. But not in the same way I knew her. She suffered so much PTSD during this time that her soul had fragmented into a million pieces. She was a shattered mirror of humanity. She ended up in jail for a violent crime. She was released in March of 2021 and has been living in California. She has been trying to resurrect what she had lost. I too have been doing the same. She still suffers and does not know how to steer her life. It’s like she has a brain injury and her spirit is broken.

However, just this last week she said she wanted to come home. She wants to come home. And within the month she will come home. It is home coming. It is Easter.

The world has changed. And so much more has come to light. Redemption is possible if we forgive ourselves and forgive others.

If you have not seen it yet, invest the time for your own journey. We can find paradise again. Click Image to watch.

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Scheduling open now

Welcome to HippHealth!

As of February 16, 2022, I will have been on sabbatical for two months. I have been doing some serious soul work during my time in the jungle in Costa Rica. I have been recovering from the pains and suffering I have experienced from witnessing the harms against humanity by the conventional medical system and people’s willingness to partake in that system.

I had spent the last 27 years seeking to understand the gifts homeopathy has to offer in the face of infectious disease. I have written and number of books to these ends to share that there is another way. I have found that even though I had written everything I could and lectured multiple times around the world on the subjects I have studied and written about.

During this time of wellneded rest I reset myself to a much deeper compassion for humanity.

My revelation in the those two months is that if we all sought to regonize the  GOD within, which is written in our DNA (Divine Natrual Awareness) we can all live a life that is more intune with our health and that of our children.

Then my role as a practitioner can also change. I am not taking about God as a religion, or belief system, or myth about where we come from, or are going. But rather, GOD as the earth, air, fire, and water, GOD as the space between all things. GOD that lives in me and you through each breath we take. GOD that is alive and well in the banana tree video.

So, how can I help you? How can I help you find the GOD within you? All natural substances in the earth are of GOD. This is the founding principle of homeopathy. And this is how I would like to proceed with this shared understanding of homeopathy towards your and your children’s full potential as a being of creation. With homeopathic remedies, when given in the right dose, they act as a mirror to our fractional view of the world to help bring us back in balance with the world and ourselves. We must live in nature, get as close as we can to the GOD consciousness within. Only there we can find health and healing. Nobody can do this for anyone else. Remedies can help along the way.

I can be your witness in your seeking. I can offer the tools of homeopathy and direct communication in sharing the downloads I receive. You, Homeopathy, and Creation does the rest.

Please watch the banana tree video here and experience the magic of the jungle for your own potential revelations.

Scheduling is open: here

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Homeopathy to Promote Normal Childhood Development

developing-childrenHere at HippHealth we offer homeopathic care for the entire family.

Our primary focus is on helping you keep your children healthy. With this in mind we use homeopathy to help your children grow and develop normally.

We recognize that fevers and childhood illnesses are a natural part of this developmental process. Sometimes children’s immune systems need help along the way.

We work with un-vaccinated children, children who have had some vaccines, and children with vaccine damage.

We work with the immune system, neurological development, behavioral issues, trauma and more. We use homeopathic remedies which are all natural substances from this planet, here to help us heal.

To learn more about what we offer and what homeopathy can do for the development of your child give us a call 612-338-1668.

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logoIt is time to make health care choices for the future of our children as they are the ones who will be looking after us.

Health care choices start before pregnancy but continues through pregnancy, birth and those early years. When it comes to preventing infectious disease one has to ask if the risk of the current vaccine model is more or less significant than the risk of the diseases. If you are in doubt or have questions about another way we invite you to learn more about Homeoprophylaxis (HP): The Vaccine Alternative: A book for parents and caregivers to understand how the immune system works and how HP educates the immune system.

At HippHealth Center for Holistic Healing both Kate and Tana offer HP for families wanting to keep their children healthy. Contact us to learn more.

The learn more about educating your child’s immune system towards infectious disease visit Vaccine Free:here

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Homeopathic Childhood Vaccine Injury Recovery Clinic

Does your child suffer from vaccine injury?  Homeopathy offers a unique perspective on the imprint of infectious contagious diseasdeveloping childrenes.  If your child suffers from any of the following, this treatment can help… behavioral issues, food sensitivities and allergies, digestion issues, recurrent fevers or discharges, ear infections, eruptions, pervasive development delays, yeast issues, toxicity, or systemic allergic reactions.

To find out more, visit the clinic or call 612-338-1668

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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances, given mainly in tablet form, with the aim of triggering the bodies natural system of healing.  Based on the symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine for each individual.  Homeopathy treats a wide variety of conditions and ailments. It is important to understand that homeopathic treatment is not based on – nor limited by – the name of a disease or medical condition. Even states of unwellness that have not been given a name can be addressed with appropriate homeopathic care.

Homeopathy was developed in the 18th Century by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. In his work, he refined Hippocrates’ “principle of like cures like“, known today as the Law of Similars.

The Law of Similars states that any substance that can produce a state of disease can also cure that same disease. A person’s symptoms, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical are used as a guide to select the remedy that will evoke the healing response. Homeopathic remedies come from substances in the natural world, plants, animals, and minerals. They are safe and non-toxic.

The goal of the initial two-hour homeopathic interview is to elicit all aspects of a person’s life; including dreams and fears, cravings and aversions… down to specific details of physical symptoms.

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Meet Tana Harahan

Contact:651-431-8984                                                                                                                  www.twincitieshomeopathy.comTana

Tana was drawn to homeopathy after she recovered from a chronic immune deficiency with the help of a homeopath.  She suffered with this disease for 25 years.  After less than a year of treatment, the condition could no longer be found.  Homeopathy also helped her son recover from long term chronic issues due to being a preemie.  He continues to get better after 3 years of treatment.  None of this would have happened with out homeopathy.

Tana treats a wide variety of conditions from infancy through adulthood.  Tana takes special interest in holistic family care including but not limited to pregnancy, birth, and pediatrics.  She also offers care with  psychiatric disorders (anxiety, depression, memory loss, PTSD, etc).  Nutritional support is offered as well.  Any person seeking general care and well being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually can receive quality care from Tana.

Tana studied at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy for four years and a fifth year graduate program.  She has a degree in early childhood education with an emphasis on pre-med. She is an EMT and is currently studying para medicine.  Tana also works as a behavioral support specialist for  children and adolescents with autism, mental disabilities, oppositional defiance disorder, and a variety of mental health disorders.  Tana is currently taking new clients and provides individual and family care.  Tana is also a practitioner in the urgent care clinic and the vaccine injury recovery clinic.  To contact Tana with any questions or to make an appointment, please call 651-431-8984, email at, or contact the clinic.

Tana is currently working with Kate Birch and is dedicated to the treatment and research of educating children’s immune systems.

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Meet Kate Birch, Mom, Homeopath and World Traveler

I am happy to share a little about my life. I came to homeopathy when my son was one and IMG_0904a half. He never slept and woke up screaming in the night. I, of course was sleep deprived and  suffering too. With the first remedy he was given, Stramonium, we slept through the night. I too was treated with homeopathy and soon my body was revived from all the lack of sleep.

From that time, some 29 years ago, I have been amazed and fascinated by the system of homeopathy. Since then homeopathy has been my life’s work and passion. Now, after 20 years of homeopathic practice and seeing many children in my practice grow from infants to healthy young adults I am extraordinary grateful for this system of healing. I am happy that I have had the opportunity to help many other moms get a good night sleep and many other children come out of their struggles.

In my own family too, I have watched my two children grow up to be happy (moslty) and healthy adults. And, knowing that whenever there was a need, like asthma attacks, or acute pancreatitis, or horrible despair from life circumstances hitting us upside the head, homeopathy has always been their to shed some light and help us adapt to what it is like being human here on this planet.

Now as a book author, researcher, business owner, and international teacher on the subject of homeopathy for infectious disease  I am happy to share that homeopathy is fully utilized around the world. If you are looking for a system of healing that works with who you are and who you will become, I can say that I know homeopathy can help.

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