Kate Birch RSHom(NA), CCH, CMT Fee Schedule

Office Consultation Fees for Homeopathy:  Paperwork to be returned in person, or prior to appointment via email: Katebhom@hotmail.com or fax: 612-338-6699.

I am working on re-centering my homeopathic practice on working with people, families and children, who are interested in spiritual evolution, healthy immune system function, and feeling the best you can be. If you are ready to become all you can be as a fully conscious liberated soul you have found the right page to book an appointment. 

New Office Policy: I am sorry to say that I will NOT be offering services for the treatment of Covid vaccine damage or to invent a protocol to prevent Covid vaccine damage

If you would like to learn more about HP for CV you can learn about the research here

Regular office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and some Saturdays.

I will be on a resting sabattical and out of the country December 15- February 18. During this time the office will be open for remedies. Stay tuned for practitioner information during that time. If you are a new patient I will not be available for follow up during this time.

Due to increased Demand in my schedule  Please book your follow-up appts ahead of time. Last minute appointments are hard to find.

Commitment to one’s health is a prerequisite to enter the practice of homeopathy. The more you invest in that purpose the better I can assist with homeopathy to these same ends. Expect to work with homeopathy at least for 3-6 months for best effect. Homeopathy can also be used as a first line health care option for the entire family. Thank you for choosing homeopathy.

I am commited to helping people regain their health. I work best through appiotnments during regular office hours. The following are guidlines to make sure I am able to be present with you when you need. 

Office booking policies:

  • I do not have a receptionist to handle booking requests. Please book all of your appts here, new and follow up appts with the booking links below.  I do not take apt request via email or text.
  • You cannot book same day appts so plan ahead.
  • Please book sufficient time. You will be charged the actual amount of time spent. Not the amount of time you book. If I have not seen you for more than two months we need at least 45 min for follow up.
  • Long distance clients please plan to use skype or facetime. Please call me at the scheduled time.
  • If you have not submitted photos previously please submit via email before your next appointment. Photo Requirements.
  • Cancellation policy: Please plan ahead if you need to cancel. My office hours are limited. Notice of 24 hours or more will allow others to schedule.

Email Policy

  • Please use email to submit initial documentation, intake, waiver forms and/or Photo word doc. Photo Requirements. katebhom@hotmail.com.
  • During your initial apt I will recommend when it is time to follow up. Please schedule a time for then.
  • It is not possible to manage your health through emails or text messaging. For me the process of homeopathy is through dialog and auditory processing to come to understanding. Notes give a summery only.
  • HP Supervision questions can be responded to via email unless more care is needed. Best to call then.
  • I cannot manage weekly updates via email. Please keep all notes and send to me before your follow up apt.
  • Please do not expect me to do a follow up through email. I print your reports and put in your file to be discussed with you at our next apt.

Texting policy:

  • If you have a health care need please book an apt. I cannot manage people’s health care via text messaging. Please plan ahead book an appointment during my regular office hours with one of the links below for consultation services.
  • For acute conditions, after an apt, I can follow up in the next days via texting.
  • I can respond to short questions only via text messaging. Please do not ask me to manage your healthcare through texting.
  • I am only available for text responses after hours for acute/critical conditions.
  • There will be a minimum charge of $55-65 to manage an acute care issues after hours.
  • I rest on Monday, Friday, some Saturdays or Sunday. I will not be responding to texts on those days unless it is an acute that was just consulted for.
  • If I am vague in my texts it means that I want you to learn about homeopathy and begin to get a feel for which remedies, potentcies and dosage are needed. Repeat more if the remedy is working. Learn more here.
  • When I am out of the country I will not be able to return texts or emails. 
  •  Thank you.
Type of Appointment:  For long distance clients you may send in checks. For new patients a credit card number will be retained for deposit until payment is received.Fees:  4% charge on all credit card                                                    charges or paypal charges.   
1. Homeoprophylaxis Program: Complete waiver from and email or bring in to office.Complete Family Membership
  HP registration and waiver

To learn more about HP go here.

$200 first child,$100 second child and subsequent children,$111 for the kit$13.20/$7.45 per child/Additional child HP booklet. $8.50-$11.95 shipping


$35 Family Membership fee

$10 -$25 for certificates upon completion of program.

(Book) for your 30 min registration consultComplete Family Membership agreement prior to appt: (Here)
2. Single Disease Prevention Vaccine Protection, or Travel HP


Complete Family Membership

$95 – 30 min $7.50 per remedy.


$35 Family Membership fee

$10 -$25 for certificates

(Book)Complete Family Membership agreement prior to appt: (Here)
3. New patient for Homeopathy:Please also complete and bring or email intake form attached below. Email to katebhom@hotmail.com

One membership waiver per family

Regular intake
  1. Hipphealth Membership Waiver.2021
  2. Basic Client Intake Form2021See photo requirements here

For vaccine clearing these:
  1. client-intake-form-Cease2021
  2. See photo requirements here
  3. Request from your clinic vaccination records. and submit at appt time.

Please bring or email 9 photos of the face from three different perspectives for the intake process. . Photos will be protected by privacy regulations. These photos are for facial analysis. Child needs to be present for the apt.

3.1. .Adult  $305(Book)For chronic care expect follow ups every 4-8 weeks  Then  check ups.
3.2. Child  $225(Book) 
$7.50-$8.50 per remedy.  
3.3. CEASE Clearing  (Vaccine detox)


$275 Remedies and supplements:

$7-$70 for 1-2 months supply.

(For adults it is the $305 fee above.)

(Book)      Plan for at least 6-8 months of follow up every 4-6 weeks
4. Follow up homeopathic visits: For a new acute consult for existing patients please use the 30 min selection. For phone consults please note in the comment box.


I am introducing facial analysis into my practice. Please bring or email 9 photos of the face from three different perspectives for your next follow up. See photo requirements here. Photos will be protected by privacy regulations.

Learn more about Homeopathic Facial Analysis here

4. 1. $103/ hour(Book)If you think you need a change of remedy, from a change of state, please book at least 30-45 min appointment. One hour may be necessary if I have not seen you for more than a year.
4. 2. $90/ 45 min(Book)
4. 3. $75/ 30 min(Book)
5. 15 min Phone:


Do NOT use this link for follow up appt. There is not enough time.

This link is for short questions only.  For follow up appointments use the 60, 45, or 30 min booking link.

For new acutes use 30 min link.

If I have not seen you for more than a month, there is not enough time in 15 min to address an acute condition.

5.1. No charge for questions.


5.2 . If a new remedy is prescribed there will be a min charge of $55-$65 plus remedies.

(Book)No charge if it is about a remedy in process or questions. If the call extends into managing care/changing remedies etc. then the time appropriate charge will be set.
6. After hours phone calls: minimum charge: $45-$65  
7. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):$110/ Single preliminary session 1.5 hours             $95/hour    $270 /3 sessions   $95/  one hour Tune up(Book)



8. Massage:


Please note I have limited time for massage.



(Book Roberta)

9. Infant muscular integration: $95/30 min session plus short intake(Book) 
10. Doula Services:Includes: Get to know visit, birth planning,home visit, attendance at birth and postpartum home visit$650(Book) 

Kate Birch, Minneapolis based homeopath, is available for Office visits, Phone consults, and Skype meetings.

Payments can be accepted via check, credit card ( there is an additional 4% charge for credit card charges)