Birth Doula Services

                     Kate Birch
The role of a birth doula is to provide continuous emotional and physical support to the mother and partner during and after childbirth. This relationship is built through initial consults and support of the development of a birth plan prior to labor and delivery either in this office or the expectant families home. At the time of birth the doula will attend the woman and her partner to either a home birth or hospital birth and remain for the duration of the birth and immediate postpartum period offering a variety of support measures. The role of a doula is not to provide, nor interfere with,  medical support but will work in conjunction with medical providers as the situation warrants.
Many women chose the emotional and physical support of a Birth Doula because of the many suggested benefits including:
reduced labor time
reduced need for medical intervention
reduced need for medicated pain management
less anxiety about the process
reduced instance of postpartum depression
less feelings of overwhelm
support bond between mom and partner
support bond between mom and baby
postpartum education and support

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