Interviews with Kate Birch, Feb, 20-May 29

Some of you may want to know more about homeopathy, me, and my approach to homeopathy and how of life has manifested in front of me based on my desire to be of service to humanity.

Steve Harper of Meet the Elite Interviews Kate Birch each Monday over a series of 15 episodes starting February 20, 2023. As the world turns learn what homeopathy may have to offer. Each episode takes up the subject of one or more books, or experiences with homeopathy. More about homeopathy, infectious disease. soul path, and historical snippets from around the world.

Episode 1: Feb 20, 23. Introduction to Kate Birch and her practice in homeopathy. Treating vaccine damage and how FHCi researched Covid nosode for disease prevention. Would I take a Covid vaccine? and what is our body’s autoregulatory system, intact DNA, and personal sovereignty? How can we live life in the environment as it is? Interview 1.

Episode 2: February 27, 2023. All about Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Disease with Homeopathy. This book took me on Journeys to Cuba, India, the middle east and around the world for people seeking to learn the true nature. Review of some history of epidemics around the world and the mental and emotional constructs of infectious disease. Interview 2.

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Episode 3: March 6, 2023. Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi) was built upon the work of the book; The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis the Vaccine alternative. Now ten years into the work, after completion of the research on the childhood immunization program FHCi is launching 6 new HPx Programs. Learn more about the origins of the work of homeoprophylaxis; the immune system educator. Compared to vaccines. Interview 3.

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Episode 4: March 13, 2023. All about where does health start? Describing the homeopathic case taking process, finding the language of homeopathy, the potential in soul healing, and the fragility of the link between the soul and the body. Interview 4.

Episode 5: March 20, 2023. All about the medicines of homeopathy, the principles of homeopathy and how these effect our bodies. And then the workings of the Amazing Liver. The liver is the tangency between the spirit and body. All of this is described in the book: Homeopathic Therapeutics of the Disease of the Liver and Biliary Ducts: Going deeper in the biochemical action of homeopathic remedies. Interview 5.

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Episode 6: March 27, 2023. Learn more about The Best Family Homeopathy Acute Care Manual. Its really the best easy reference book for families wanting to access how to use homeopathy in the home setting. First aid, Fevers, Ear infections, coughs colds and more. Learn what remedy was used most during 911 and the most recent earthquakes in Turkey, and more. Interview 6.

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Episode 7: April 3, 2023. Kate Birch Introduces the work of Free and Healthy Children International, the non-profit organization providing research, education and access to Homeoprophylaxis: an alternate form of immunization. The question you might ask is ‘what is a safe vaccine?’ Learn more here: Interview 7.

Episode 8: May 1, 2023 Interview 8

Episode 9: May 8, 2023. Kate Birch Discusses the complications of the use of Round-Up and its main ingredient glyphosate in human health. Starting from exploring how her health was undermined after a massive exposure to the writing is a fully researched and scientifically valid essay on the functional nutritional

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