Photo Requirements

In my 23 years of practice I embark on continuing education each year in order to become more proficient in homeopathy. This year I have undertaken a course in Homeopathic Facial Analysis. In order to best serve you please submit nine (9) photos with intake papers according to the following parameters.

Make sure the images to be head on and straight, rather than from an angle or tilted or looking up or down. The nine photos must clearly show the following aspects of the face – hairline, forehead, eyes, bridge of nose, mouth, teeth, smile, chin and ears.

Please bring photos with you or arrange a word doc, 4 photos per page ( Two Columns) 

email to prior to the apt time.

If I need to arrange them there is an additional $50 charge for my time to do so. Submitted photos will be protected by privacy regulations.

Established clients please email photos before your next apt.

Learn more about Homeopathic Facial Analysis

Nine photos are required –
1. Straight on – relaxed mouth

Image result for face straight on
2. Straight on – broad smile (flash on)

Image result for face straight on smile
3. Straight on – broad smile (flash off)

Related image
4. Straight on – top and bottom row of teeth visible

Image result for images real grinning teeth showing
5. Straight on – hair pulled back tightly

Image result for face straight on hair pulled back
6. Profile left

Image result for face profile left
7. Profile right

Image result for face  child profile right,
8. Frown photo (between the eyes) (flash off)

Image result for face  frowning
9. Eyebrows raised to the point of natural animation (to show depth of forehead
lines) (flash off)

Image result for face eyebrows raised