Meet Kate Birch, Mom, Homeopath and World Traveler

I am happy to share a little about my life. I came to homeopathy when my son was one and IMG_0904a half. He never slept and woke up screaming in the night. I, of course was sleep deprived and  suffering too. With the first remedy he was given, Stramonium, we slept through the night. I too was treated with homeopathy and soon my body was revived from all the lack of sleep.

From that time, some 29 years ago, I have been amazed and fascinated by the system of homeopathy. Since then homeopathy has been my life’s work and passion. Now, after 20 years of homeopathic practice and seeing many children in my practice grow from infants to healthy young adults I am extraordinary grateful for this system of healing. I am happy that I have had the opportunity to help many other moms get a good night sleep and many other children come out of their struggles.

In my own family too, I have watched my two children grow up to be happy (moslty) and healthy adults. And, knowing that whenever there was a need, like asthma attacks, or acute pancreatitis, or horrible despair from life circumstances hitting us upside the head, homeopathy has always been their to shed some light and help us adapt to what it is like being human here on this planet.

Now as a book author, researcher, business owner, and international teacher on the subject of homeopathy for infectious disease  I am happy to share that homeopathy is fully utilized around the world. If you are looking for a system of healing that works with who you are and who you will become, I can say that I know homeopathy can help.

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The Mission of HippHealth Center for Holistic Healing is to provide the very best in natural healthcare. Borrowing from Eastern and Western traditions we offer a variety of traditions including Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Shiatsu, Nutritional counseling and Herbal therapies. Each of these approaches is focused on stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal; together they form a strong force that allows most health concerns to be addressed safely and effectively.

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