HX remedyProviders: Kate Birch,

As a natural form of disease prevention Homeoprophylaxis (HPx) offers an alternative to vaccination. Rather than using crude (physical) doses of antigens that have been attenuated through incubation on foreign host tissue, HP uses a homeopathic preparation of disease tissue or germ. In vaccines, in addition to the antigen is a multitude of other ingredients such as, but not limited to, aluminum salt as adjuvants, bovine casein, monkey kidney, human aborted fetal tissue, antibiotics, formaldehyde soy lecithin, peanut oil, surfactants etc., HPx nosodes are diluted preparation of the pure disease entity.

In this way the pure disease agent used in HPx serves to stimulate the immune system towards what disease really looks like without the immune system confusion generated by all the other ingredient the vaccines have.

Homeoprophylaxis satisfies the process of naturally acquired disease by providing a tiny dose of the disease, but without any of the risks. This is done through the use of remedies called “nosodes.”

Nosodes are given orally, one disease at a time and work to stimulate general immunity. The immunity engendered is much like the immunity of naturally acquired disease. HP is administered through the sequential dosing of a specific nosode over several months or years.

At HippHealth we provide HPx in accordance with the programs overseen by Free and Healthy Children International.