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  1. The Best Family Homeopathy Acute Care Manual and Mommy Homeopathy Class: Introduction to Homeopathy. 6 session Recorded Class.
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This book may be the best medical investment you make for your family. Self-reliance in home prescribing is the goal of this acute care manual. This pictorial guide to homeopathic care is the first of its kind. While homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and there are many other first aid manuals and field guides available, this book takes the work to a new level. The most complicated task for the lay person in homeopathy is how to find a remedy for specific therapeutic indications in a short and reliable way. 

Class taught by Kate Birch. Content recommended for Moms and their Home Remedy kit.

Basic Homeopathic Philosophy and these individual modules:

  1. First Aid
  2. Fevers
  3. Ear Infections
  4. Coughs, colds and flus
  5. Vomiting and Diarrhea
  6. Mind and Emotions

Based on the content of The Best Family Homeopathy Acute Care Manual which is required reading for the course. Book $41.15 plus $3.30 tax and $ 5.00 shipping, Course $50.  If purchased together $90. plus tax and shipping.

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2. The Solution ~Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative

A Parent’s Guide to educating your child’s immune system. An illustrated on manual about how the immune system works and how homeoprophylaxis gently stimulates immunity. This book covers a comparison between the method of immunization with vaccination or homeoprophylaxis and their effects in and on the immune system. A must read for parents seeking an alternative to vaccination.


3. Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy.

A Manual for practitioners and consumers on the use of homeopathy for childhood disease, disease, affecting the lungs, sexually transmitted diseases and tropical diseases. A must for anyone questioning the vaccine paradigm and looking for another way. Homeopathy has been treating and preventing infectious disease for over 200 years. This manual explains how. 


4. Homeopathic Therapeutics of the Diseases of the Liver and Biliary ducts ~ The Amazing Liver

This book offers to the homeopath and herbalist a simple schema of understanding aimed at importunity the functioning of the liver and auxiliary organs. The wisdom offered herein describes not only the physiological function and role of the liver in physical health but also the deeper meaning of the passage of emotions, perceptions and over all spiritual health as a result of health or dysfunction in the liver. 

5. Glyphosate Free: An Essay on Functional Nutrition and the Homeopathic Clearing of Glyphosate Toxicity 

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Glyphosate is one of the most toxic chemicals to life and humans on the planet. It is found in round up and sprayed the world over on all GMO crops, in people’s yards, school’s grounds, the sides of the roads and on all food imported into the United States at the dock yards, including organic foods. It has made its way into vaccines, drinking water and air pollution. Glyphosate enters all DNA of living beings and dysregulates it. This essay was inspired by the author’s discovery that glyphosate toxicity was the culprit of her sudden onset hyperthyroidism. It is a How-To Book on Detoxification of Glyphosate through functional nutritional support and homeopathic clearing of glyphosate.

6. Movie: Paradise Lost and Found: The Mother of Psora ~ a homeopathic proving of Einkorn (80 min) By Kate Birch.

Experience the consciousness of Nature’s original wheat. Einkorn was the first food of the agrarian age 5000 years ago. What was once a food source it became an economic system of kings and slaves. In time it evolved into the grain exchange, and eventually set the stage for the global banking system. Now, as a direct result of capitalism, when humanity is on the brink of its own extinction through over population, environmental damage through pollution of our food system and ourselves, the message of Einkorn is loud and clear: “we must live in accordance with Nature’s Laws if we are to survive.”

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