Are we ready to heal!

Five years ago Easter weekend the trituration of einkorn was done with a group of women in Istanbul. The results of this trituration were brought to life in the movie Paradise Lost and Found.

The story of einkorn is mirrored in the story of Persephone and Demeter, the Goddess of wheat. It is also a Christ story and Easter story.

The story is a mother daughter story. A fertility story and one about mothers and babies. The einkorn is about connection to Christ consciousness.

The timing of the proving was random by my own consciousness. But I was swept on a journey to bring this story to reality. I was in Jerusalem two days before opening the trituration. It was Passover and I felt Jesus talking to me. Einkorn was his message. “This is my body” he said as he and his disciples ate the einkorn bread.

I was chosen to tell this story. I suffered and yet have redeemed myself.

Within two months of this trituration my daughter disappeared. She was taken into the underworld. And what followed for both her and me had been a story of suffering and torment and increasingly soul healing not only for us but for the ripples of this story into humanity. The truth told is eternal.

She became homeless for over three years. She walked the streets of hell amoung the other tortured souls. The ones that suffer from deep mental health issues. The broken dreads of society. She lost her mind too. I lost my mind. I traveled the world literally and figuratively to find her. I dove into the depths of my own soul’s journey and suffering from the loss of the daughter I loved.

During these 5 years I dove into the torment of our genetic and ancetral history, the self destructive tendencies of humanity through pollution, war, and vaccines. I worked hard and fast. I experienced great revelations and the love of Christ: the powers of redemption and what is truth, integrity, justice, and more. It is also about the kinds of war we have put against humanity to the point of infertility of women and deformation of babies. There are many people who have witnessed this same suffering in thier lives and the healing that einkorn has offered us all

My daughter eventually did show up again. But not in the same way I knew her. She suffered so much PTSD during this time that her soul had fragmented into a million pieces. She was a shattered mirror of humanity. She ended up in jail for a violent crime. She was released in March of 2021 and has been living in California. She has been trying to resurrect what she had lost. I too have been doing the same. She still suffers and does not know how to steer her life. It’s like she has a brain injury and her spirit is broken.

However, just this last week she said she wanted to come home. She wants to come home. And within the month she will come home. It is home coming. It is Easter.

The world has changed. And so much more has come to light. Redemption is possible if we forgive ourselves and forgive others.

If you have not seen it yet, invest the time for your own journey. We can find paradise again. Click Image to watch.

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