Vaccine injury/Homeodetox

Vaccine Injury and the Role of Homeopathy in the detoxification process

  1. Introduction
  2. History of vaccinosis
  3. Understanding vaccinosis
  4. Other considerations in vaccine damage
  5. Symptoms and conditions common to vaccine injury: childhood vaccines; Travel vaccines
  6. Various protocols of treatment of vaccine injury with homeopathic remedies
  7. The goal of treatment with homeopathic remedies
  8. Conclusion

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The clearing of Vaccine injury with homeopathic remedies may be resolved with only one remedy or may take many remedies over months or years. Full recovery is dependent on the severity of the state of damage, the length of time the child has been ill and the amount of suppressive therapy. Often there are clearing reactions after the use of a homeopathic remedy and the recurrence of febrile symptoms  or other  discharge.

The management of these conditions requires the consult of someone familiar with vaccine clearing. Online requests to purchase a remedy to fix their child after vaccine injury underestimates the complexity of the problem and the need for a trained medical professional (homeopath) to help restore their child to health.

*The content of this website is not to be misconstrued as medical advice nor does it replace the consult of a physician or practitioner. Reader assumes the responsibility of investigating for themselves disease prevention and treatment methodologies that concur with their beliefs and understanding.

1. Introduction

Despite the fact that conventional medicine refutes the possibility that vaccines can cause harm to immune systems and historically we have been lead to believe that vaccines have saved us from many acute diseases, basic understanding of immune system function dictates that multiple disease germs injected into immature immune systems in quick succession can only lead to imbalances in the immune system.

We must question whether the benefits of reducing the incidence of the expression of acute disease are worth the risks of the increase in incidence of immune system imbalances.

The question is whether or not health-care providers and scientists can recognize the pervasive developmental delays and other disorders that are now occurring in our children, at the alarming rate that they do, as immune system responses to the vaccinations.

If we are to inject disease agents into the blood stream to elicit an immune system response, then we must be able to recognize the  response we are getting and determine if it is the desired response.

2. History of vaccinosis

With the introduction of the smallpox vaccine, in the 1800’s, the localized vaccina reaction, marked fever and pustular eruption, were  the expected result. However, there were a fair number of people who received the vaccine  who did not develop this local reaction. Instead they would then succumb to years of illness, with headaches, neuralgic pains and pustulating acne. Historically  the term vaccinosis was specific to this state of ill-health resultant from the smallpox vaccine. Today, many vaccines are given at one time and children can suffer for long periods of time with transient fevers, “ear infections”, “allergies” and a host of other immune system activities as the immune system tries to resolve the vaccines. Now the term vaccinosis describes any compilation of chronic symptoms resulting from any vaccination or combination of vaccines.

Due to mass inoculation campaigns driven by public health measures, multiple disease germs are repetitively introduced into large populations. When the smallpox vaccine was introduced into smaller populations, as a single vaccine, its resultant vaccinosis was easy to differentiate as there was a clear before and after affect. With the current day vaccine schedules, it is virtually impossible to identify a clear symptomatology of individual reactions to the different diseases, the vaccine responses, and the correspondingly different complex disease states that are arising from this practice.

3. Understanding Vaccinosis

In order to treat vaccinosis effectively with homeopathy, one must be able to understand these varying distinctions:

  • the underlying health of the person
  • the diseases in the vaccinations
  • an individuals’ immune system reaction to the disease in the vaccinations
  • the resultant complex disease state
  • the resultant immune system skew due to the adjuvants and other ingredients in the vaccines

The consult of a homeopath will enable one to understand these subtle distinctions

An individuals reaction to a vaccine is similar to how they would react to the natural disease.

  • Those who would suffer from the disease will suffer from the vaccines.
  • The healthier the individual is prior to vaccination the more superficial the level of vaccine reaction. Correspondingly, the healthier they are, the less likely they will contract the disease. If they do contract the disease, they will experience only a mild form of it.
  • Vaccines given when the child is sick or in the middle of an immune response to another vaccine have more potential to cause adverse reactions.
  • Multiple vaccinations given all at once, or in close succession, have a greater potential for adverse reactions, as the initial immune response that was in process from the first vaccines will be interrupted with the onslaught of the new vaccines.

4. Other Considerations in Vaccine Damage

  • The heavy metals and adjuvants in the vaccines cause their own level of disease, toxicity, and reactivity in the immune system.
  • Another aspect of vaccine reaction is that of the damage to the blood vessels caused as a result of the initial immune system response. With the introduction of any substance in to the blood stream there is a resultant surge in white blood cell activity while the immune system sorts out what is foreign or not and what antibodies need to be generated to the new antigen. The watershed areas in the body are vasculated by fine capillaries whereby red blood cells normally pass in single file. The surge in white blood cell activity in response to a vaccine causes these capillaries to swell and rupture as white blood cells are larger than red blood cells. While these minute ruptures may not account for much individually, conglomerated areas where multiple ruptures have occurred in the brain, liver, pancreas, retina and other parts of the body, can cause what looks like strokes, resulting in brain damage or SIDS; pancreatic damage, resulting in diabetes; and other conditions relative to the location of capillary damage.
  • The resultant immune system function of fevers, localization and attempted discharge of the vaccine matter through the ears is misdiagnosed as Ear Infections which are then treated with antibiotics. As new vaccines are given every 2 months for the 2nd, 4th, 6trh and 8th month of the child’s life, the child can remain in a constant immune system attempt to clear the vaccine matter through the ears and be put on multiple doses of antibiotics. This causes an imbalance  in natural intestinal flora, a constant state of yeast, or the production of antibiotic resistant pathogenic bacteria.
  • Vaccines change the copper/zinc ratio in the body which result in lowered level of metallothionein. This results in demylenation of the neurons in the brain and changes in right left brain chemistry affecting learning, and emotional comprehension.

5. Symptoms and Conditions Common to Vaccine Injury

The following presentations can be explained as an incomplete resolution of the injected diseases resulting in these possible responses. Different vaccines produce more or less activity in these areas.

  • An alteration in immune system (T1/T2 ratio) function which results in changes in histamine production and resultant allergic symptoms including, behavioral changes, hyperactivity, food sensitivities, skin conditions, allergies and asthma.
  • Systematic allergic reaction to one of more of the proteins or adjuvants in the vaccine resulting in hives, swelling, anaphylaxis.
  • Suppression of the disease goes to the organ of affinity, i.e. tetanus goes to nervous system, measles goes to gut or nervous system, hepatitis A or B goes to liver and digestive system, etc.
  • Recurrent fevers, discharges (ear “infections”), eruptions which represent attempts of the immune system to develop the appropriate immune system response to develop immunity. results in delay in speech, brain development.
  • Toxicity of the vaccine adjuvants and resultant organ system changes depending on affinity of the toxin, i.e mercury and aluminum to nervous system or bones; blood products, whey, and egg contamination in the blood stream causing allergies, etc.
  • Pervasive developmental delays due to inflammation of the brain and retained infant reflexes, interruption in vestibular stimulation due to constant ‘ear infections,’ mini strokes in the brain and mercury toxicity.

Overview of  Symptoms Common to Vaccine Injury

Acne, ADD, ADHD, AIDS, allergies, anaphylaxis, Asperger’s syndrome, asthma, autism, behavioral conditions, cancer, cavities, chickenpox, colds that do not resolve, confusion, continued fever, convulsions, coughs that do not recover, cramps, decomposition of the blood, degenerative conditions, diabetes, digestive insufficiency, diphtheria, draining ears, nose and eyes, ear infections, eczema, emaciation, epilepsy, eruptions, failure to thrive, fears and phobias, head banging, headaches, hepatitis, hives, inability to eat various foods, inability to focus, learning disorders, liver and kidney problems, measles, meningitis, multiple sclerosis, neuralgias, neurological deficits, polio, repetitive illnesses, restlessness, rheumatic conditions, screaming, septicemia, shingles, shock, skin eruptions, sleeping all the time, sleeplessness, tendency to get sick, tics, unexplainable fevers, violence, warts, wounds failing to heal.

6. Various protocols of treatment of vaccine injury with homeopathic remedies

Not all homeopaths are familiar with all methodologies and various methodologies may be utilized in the treatment process for clearing childhood vaccines or travel vaccines,

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  • Thuja: The first remedy to think of for vaccine injury, having to do with the muck that gets transmitted with the vaccine, suppression of immune response, aborted fetal tissue, and blood poisoning. Thuja is more specifically related to the smallpox vaccine, however seeing as most of the population has been vaccinated with small pox in generations past, this condition can be inherited and so Thuja can still be indicated in many, but not all, cases of vaccine damage ( see combination remedy below)
  • Constitutional treatment: one remedy at a time which best corresponds the the constitution of the child with the desired response of strengthening the recuperative powers of the individual so that they may throw off the diseases in the vaccines/toxicity etc. Silicea, Calcarea carbonicum, Phosphorus, etc.
  • Use of homeopathic nosodes (homeopathic remedies made from disease tissue/discharges and/or cultured germs):  based on symptom presentation, either in relation to family history or in relation to the diseases in the vaccines which made the most impact on the health of the child. (think ‘like cures like’). Tuberculinum, Medorrhinum, Carcinosin, or Morbilunum (measles), Parotidinum (mumps), Yellow fever nosode (Yellow fever), Typhoidinum (Typhoid), etc. ( see combination remedy below)
  • Sequential prescribing of nosodes or vaccine nosodes: According to a select protocol. Use of individual vaccines in sequence, in ascending potencies, and/or multiple doses of single remedies or single vaccine nosodes (Hepatitis B vaccine nosode, DTaP vaccine nosode, MMR vaccine nosode, etc.,) given over a period of time to clear the individual vaccines. There are several methods to do this such as the CEASE Therapy method
  • Homeopathic remedies corresponding to a disease in a vaccine: Based on symptom presentation. I.e. Cicuta for ailments from tetanus vaccine, Stramonium for ailments from chickenpox vaccine, Baptesia for ailments from the typhoid vaccine, Gelsemium for ailments from the Flu vaccine, etc.
  • Remedies for incompletely expressed disease states such as Zinc, Stramonium, or Helleborus, etc for exanthamatic (eruptive) diseases where the the eruptions have been suppressed to the nervous system resulting in brain inflammation
  • Use of combination remedies: either a combination of nosodes or multiple vaccine nosodes: either in conjunction with constitutional remedies, detoxification remedies, disease specific remedies, herbal tinctures, or alone, to cover all bases, as this reflects the imprint of multiple vaccines at a time in the current vaccine schedule. For example, one combination remedy I use has a base of Thuja mother tincture, with all of the main nosodes ( as above)  remedies plus Vaccine nosodes of which ever vaccines the child has had. This may be the desired avenue if the resultant symptom picture s because of 9 vaccines given at once.
  • Drainage remedies: used in combination or singly, usually low potency or in herbal form, to strengthen or tone particular organs systems; liver, kidney, nervous system, digestive system etc. thus helping the body to process out the vaccines through normal excretory routes

7. The goal of homeopathic treatment

The Goal in homeopathic treatment is to stimulate the immune system to work out all the different diseases which have become stuck in the system. At various times in treatment different methods may be initiated. The ongoing consult of the homeopath is necessary to work through the layers.

Signs that demonstrate the immune system is working better to clear the vaccines include: the development of fevers, rashes, discharges,vomiting, diarrhea or other exhonerative processes.

These processes must not be hindered by medication aimed at suppressing the symptoms. If these are used the case will relapse and take longer to resolve. Each disease in its own time will be cleared from the system. As the immune system becomes  more in balance it will be able to clear heavy metal toxicity, and allergic symptoms will diminish, cognitive function will increase. The longer a child stays in homeopathic treatment the greater promise of returning to their full potential in health. Once the health is stable then quarterly or seasonal visits along with the homeopathic treatment of subsequent acute disease will ensure the health remains.

8. Conclusion

The practitioner must assess what kind of damage has occurred, what the symptom presentation is and the responsiveness of the patient to homeopathic remedies. More often the immune system needs help to reconcile the diseases in the vaccines. The symptom presentation will indicate which disease or what aspect of an incomplete immune system function is present. Homeopathic remedies are used to facilitate the appropriate immune system response. This may include the development of a fever and discharge as a way of assisting the body to liberate the disease. Several remedies may be used in quick succession or a single remedy over several months  and years in various potencies. Each case is different and depending on the severity of vaccine damage each case has a different prognosis.

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