Stone Medicine Healing

As always, I have continued to seek my own healing through multiple avenues I have also sought deeper understanding of different healing systems for the body so that I can be the and offer the best in healthcare and healing for my clients.

Book your Stone Medicine Healing Session here: 60 min session $95 (book)

Healing grid of acupuncture points

In March 2022, I began the process of learning Daoist stone medicine through the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine.

Stones, crystals and gems offer profound healing to living beings on this earth, either through meditative practices, through direct application to the body on acupuncture points, or from ingesting homeopathic preparations of these stones. Each gem has their own unique chemical formulation, crystalline structure, and energetic healing signature, that when applied appropriately to the body, to acupuncture points and chakras, they offer deep and profound transformation of the human psyche towards healing.

You can experience Stone Medicine through these options:

  1. Regular homeopathic consultation: That when your life or health presents in such a way indicating the need for a homeopathic or elixir preparation of a particular gemstone this will be included in your recommended protocol.
  2. When appropriate, individual meditative, or self-applied stones in a grid pattern, may be included as a part of your homeopathic consult. Book your homeopathic appointments here.
  3. Private hands-on Stone Medicine Healing sessions: with stones and crystals applied to specific acupuncture meridian points to clear your body and connect you to the healing forces of the earth for two main objectives as below. As time goes on and I advance in experience and education these basic grid systems will be expanded upon and added to per your individual session needs:
Faceted amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite, rock crystal, quartz cluster

a. Internal Demon clearing: For those obstacles in your path of liberation which you have not been able to transform that arise from within: sorrow, fear, rage, ancestral programs and patterns, DNA codes that no longer work for you, nutritional deficiencies, and more.

b. External Demon clearing: Those obstacles to our path of liberation that are put upon you from the outside: toxicity, trauma, accidents, drugs, external programing, or other, that come from the outside of your being.

Please note sessions are done in person at my private home in Minneapolis. The address is in your booking confirmation email.