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As of February 16, 2022, I will have been on sabbatical for two months. I have been doing some serious soul work during my time in the jungle in Costa Rica. I have been recovering from the pains and suffering I have experienced from witnessing the harms against humanity by the conventional medical system and people’s willingness to partake in that system.

I had spent the last 27 years seeking to understand the gifts homeopathy has to offer in the face of infectious disease. I have written and number of books to these ends to share that there is another way. I have found that even though I had written everything I could and lectured multiple times around the world on the subjects I have studied and written about.

During this time of wellneded rest I reset myself to a much deeper compassion for humanity.

My revelation in the those two months is that if we all sought to regonize the  GOD within, which is written in our DNA (Divine Natrual Awareness) we can all live a life that is more intune with our health and that of our children.

Then my role as a practitioner can also change. I am not taking about God as a religion, or belief system, or myth about where we come from, or are going. But rather, GOD as the earth, air, fire, and water, GOD as the space between all things. GOD that lives in me and you through each breath we take. GOD that is alive and well in the banana tree video.

So, how can I help you? How can I help you find the GOD within you? All natural substances in the earth are of GOD. This is the founding principle of homeopathy. And this is how I would like to proceed with this shared understanding of homeopathy towards your and your children’s full potential as a being of creation. With homeopathic remedies, when given in the right dose, they act as a mirror to our fractional view of the world to help bring us back in balance with the world and ourselves. We must live in nature, get as close as we can to the GOD consciousness within. Only there we can find health and healing. Nobody can do this for anyone else. Remedies can help along the way.

I can be your witness in your seeking. I can offer the tools of homeopathy and direct communication in sharing the downloads I receive. You, Homeopathy, and Creation does the rest.

Please watch the banana tree video here and experience the magic of the jungle for your own potential revelations.

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