Confessions of a Homeopath Treating Vaccine Damage


It has always been in my heart and intent to not harm anyone. This is why I became a homeopath. To help people. I was helped in my life by this system of healing. For many years I had a hard time asking for money because I held a thought that healing is for everyone and is actually a free gift to us from the universe. Homeopathy is one way to access that free healing. I have been a homeopath for over 28 years and have come to accept that I need to earn a living to pay for my life.

Over time I began specializing in helping parents navigate the vaccine question. As demand for these services grew so did I access greater finical ease. This is because the powers that be keep adding more vaccines to the schedule and the children have been getting sicker and sicker.

There has never been a time more than now that children need homeopathy to help undo the damage vaccines create. Accordingly, I make more and more money. This does not sit right with me. Those manufactures of the vaccines are living in mansions on tropical islands from the millions they have made at the expense of these children’s lives. This is wrong through and through. Profit at the expense of humanity.  Even though homeopathy helps and I have become an expert in helping with homeopathy, this is not how I want to make my money.

I have created an organization that promotes the use of homeoprophylaxis to offer another way (Free and Healthy Children International). My practice, as it is, would not be if it were not for the work of the vaccine companies.  How can I reconcile this? I am like a vulture living in the carrion of a decrepit system, bend on destroying humanity with their inventions. I did not plan it this way and I am trying figure out another way. It is my goal for my line of work to be in line with the karma of the universe and to bring me solace and redemption in this Existence.

What to do? What to do? My hopes and dreams would be for the pharma companies to wake up one day and realize their lies, and to stop inflicting their lies on the masses who are too trusting. But alas, I fear they never will despite all the evidence against them. Perhaps I should thank the vaccine manufactures for their ails and shortsightedness. Perhaps I should give a tithing to them for the profit I make at the expense of the children’s sufferings they create? Perhaps I should apologize to all the families I serve that I have earned a living from their suffering? All I care about is the children. And I suffer because some of them cannot be helped.

When do you stop trying to save the drowning man when the saving is coming at your expense? Pray for me. Pray for these children, the doctors who give the vaccines, the parents who believe the doctors, and the vaccine manufactures because we are all in some strange pact working out some kind of weird karma. They destroy, homeopaths rebuild. Forgive me for my part in this if at all my part is driving any of the destruction. Thank you. 

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