Testimonials to Health

While some of our practitioners have been in practice for many years, Kate mosttestimonials especially since 1994, we recently created this testimonial page (Jan 2018) so our clients can offer feed back for those who have appreciated the services offered. We are here to help you and your family receive the best in natural health care so that you can live free and happy lives.

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Thank you.


One Response to Testimonials to Health

  1. Christy Spencer says:

    Kate has been AMAZING to work with to help my 17 month old daughter as she has struggled with recurrent illnesses. She has gone above and beyond my highest expectations as far as both her expertise in helping us and her responsiveness, especially over the past several weeks (even on nights, weekends, and holidays!) using Skype, phone calls, and text support. I would have NEVER gotten that level of support from anyone in my previous health care team. She has also been patient and helpful in working with someone (me) who is just beginning to learn about the world of homeopathy. It is so nice to know there is an alternative to traditional medicine that can actually help us heal and build our immune systems. I’m so impressed with her care for my daughter that I’ve scheduled a consultation for myself as well 🙂

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