Alexander Larson, Certified Rolfer™



My name is Alexander Larson and I am from Minnesota. The past decade of my life I hipphealthhave spent undergoing intense self-discovery where I discovered my passion for helping people and my desire to make this world a better place. Rolfing® SI stumbled into my life, and I experienced just one session before I knew this was something I am meant to learn and share with others.

I have an extensive background in health and fitness.  I was raised in an active family and played football up until a year into Junior College at RCTC.  I worked many years at Lifetime Fitness and have been surrounded within the fitness community my whole life.  About 4 years ago my perspective and feelings on fitness began to change as I fell in love with Yoga. Starting out mostly as an exercise routine I soon learned the benefits of my Yoga practice effected my life on more levels than just the physical. My fitness perspective changed from focusing on strength and aesthetics, to health, movement, and functionality. As I discover these holistic principles relating to the body’s needs and potentials, I feel the passion to share what I learn with others through verbal communication and through manually educating the body.