Source Light Resonances

Kate Birch and Tana Harahan both offer access to Source Light Resonances: Book Here

Our specialty at HippHealth is with vaccine damage. Currently we are doing research of 5 Source Light Resonances for vaccine damage. All participants can receive free access to these resonances through Dec 31 2015 and submit results to us. Vaccine damage resonances feedback form.

Source Light Resonances SLRs are a vehicle for manifesting the new unfolding of old knowledge and are made as a sacred light resonant imprint on a carrier medium, currently audio or video. They have the effect of resolving inherited and acquired limiting traits, allowing us to wake up within and to live more of our potential. They are created through a sacred process incorporating crystalline granite stones, electromagnetic and holographic components, and love. The physical element of this is called the Resonance Receiver or ‘Cooker’.

The Source Light Resonances have been developed through conscious Source alignment by Leilani van Koten and Peter Chappell, and follow on from Peter’s earlier work with PC Remedies, Vital Remedies and Healing Downloads. See History for more information. The standard practitioner range of resonances are also still available as PC Remedies in pill and liquid form, through our affiliated pharmacies.

None of the resonances or remedies are medicines in any conventional sense of the word, and the liquids (and pills made from the liquids) have no active chemical constituents. The use of the word ‘medicine’ refers to the intention of supporting well-being and conscious evolution. Where Source Light Resonances are used with the intention of supporting well-being, they are complementary to conventional treatments and are not intended as a substitute for medical care. The meditative quality of the audio and video Resonances can support an individual in coping with a health condition.

SLRs can treat virtually any condition that brings suffering to humans on this planet. By the grace of God these sources have been provided to us for healing. If you are interested in experiencing any of these resonances and are looking for healing book a consult with us to help decide which resonances would be indicated.