Ida P. Rolf was born in 1896 in New York and grew up in the Bronx.  After graduating from Barnard College she received a unique opportunity to work at the Rockefeller Institute while continuing school at Columbia University where she received her Ph.D in biological chemistry.  Driven by her passion to discover and to help others she continued to learn about different modalities ranging from homeopathy to osteopathy to yoga. She would apply what she was learning in a new inventive approach, eventually formulating her own recipe for healing termed Rolfing Structural Integration in the mid-1960s.

How it helps

Life happens. And throughout a lifetime we accumulate all different types of experiences. Ranging from emotional and physical traumas to sports injuries to cultural and environmental influence, each one leaving an imprint within our body system. These imprints eventually become the hidden driving forces behind the patterns affecting how we interact with the world, often limiting us and our overall experience. Rolfing is a manual therapy approach that aims to find those limitations, dissolving them creating opportunity for healthier, more sustainable and expansive patterns of movement, of function, of being. Various analysis will help our plan, followed by a sensitive listening approach combined with techniques and hand/arm tools accessing different layers of tissue and often involving client participation.

What to expect

There are two ways to go about Rolfing, either individual session work to treat specific areas/injuries, or series work where each session builds off of the last and prepares for the next. The Ten Series is a ten session recipe that addresses the whole body seeking to integrate a more natural balance and alignment. Before each session we do various movement and static assessments to get to know the client’s structure to better personalize the formula. Each client is expected to dress in athletic type shorts and a type of accessible top for women. No oils or lotions are used and clients are recommended to not apply any before each session for it effects our ability to access different layers of tissue. Each session ranges from 75-90 minutes, and common themes we bring up are an expansive breath and self-awareness.