Sarah Damlo C. Hom, C. HP, Fees

Office hours Monday -Thursday, some Saturdays by appointment.

Sarah is covering Kate’s practice while she is away and is available for follow up and acute care appointments; you can contact Sarah to set all appointment times. Please do not call or text before 9am or after 9pm CST.

Initial Intake – 2.5 hours $259/$189 child (up to age 10) plus remedy

Client Intake Form

Health History

Homeoprophylaxis – 1 hour initial, continual supervision during 44-month program. $200 first child, $100 additional child plus cost for HP booklet & kit

Single Nosode Consult – $45 plus remedy


Follow-up – 1 hour $50 plus remedy

Brief Consultation – 30 minutes or less $35

Acute Care – $25 to $65 depending on duration of illness

Contact Info: 952-212-3372;