Appointments: Source Light Resonances

Both Tana Harahan and Kate Birch offer consultations for recommendations and access on Source Light Resonances: Vaccine Clearing SLR treatment is open to all existing clients and under research until January 31, 2016 to explore the impact of these remedies. After that time we will open access to the larger community and new Clients with vaccine damage.

Questionnaire to be competed before initial appointment:

For new families to vaccine injury Please book and initial Vaccine Clearing Appointment for a full intake to  conventional Homeopathy and SLR therapy:  $250: (Book)

For existing clients Initial SLR appointment 30 min or 60 min:

1 hour : $ 95 (Book)

30 Min: $65 (Book)

Follow up assessment 30 min (when there is a lot to process and access prior to moving to the next resonance): $65 (Book)

Individual resonances $25 each for unlimited use for 3 months

Follow up assessment 15 min (for quick check in regarding existing SLR): free (Book)

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